Plastic can be an essential accessibility tool for people with disabilities. What happens when we block it?

As somebody with a bodily incapacity, there are just a few objects I want to assist me reside an impartial life. Pre-made greens, takeaways, and ingesting straws – some manufactured from plastic – are completely important for individuals like me. Using my palms is proscribed and this made getting ready and cooking meals a nightmare. … Read more

Here’s Why Recycling Sometimes Ends Up in Tucson Landfill | local news

After a Tucson-area resident shared on the Nextdoor app listening to that the corporate that picks up the recycling takes it to the landfill, with out making an attempt to recycle it, a number of neighbors replied that they might cancel their service. Is the rumor true? The reply is, it relies upon. A survey … Read more